What am I up to now?

To be quite honest I have no idea myself..

Since graduating keeping motivated to do my own artwork has been difficult. I seem to be very good at coming up with excuses such as ‘I work too much’, ‘I don’t have a space to work anymore’ or the one I always come back to ‘what’s the point?’. Nobody is grading it, no one will even see it a apart from me. It felt like doing anything creative would just be a waste of time. Realizing that it was going to be difficult and take up some of my free time just put me off straight away.

Then in the summer when my boyfriend opened his cafe he insisted on seeing my artwork plastered all on the walls. This was the first time I had seen my work in a frame and it felt really good. It was so excited that other people a part from me would get to see it. The night when the two of us were in the cafe till all hours felt like I was back to doing what I was really good at. As Blindboy says I was in my own state of flow again.


Look Mammy! I’m an artist.

(The Avacado and Pineapple are not mine)

(The Avacado and Pineapple are not mine)


Since then I have been craving that ‘flow’ again. I still do some bits for him in the cafe, like christmas decorations and wallpapering but I wanted to do this everyday.

I recently got a job in childcare Mon-Fri craic. Not exactly what I want to do but at least with this job I get to teach 5-12 years old some art. Much better than standing behind a till for 8 hours a day staring at a fridge. I’ll be posting some of the things I do with them on this and how I go about teaching for an hour.

I will also be uploading some of my processes to my own work when I get started. Going to treat it like an online notebook, posting my inspiration and some of the behind the scene things to how I get to making a final piece (if I ever get there).

I shall leave ye with a link to Five Good Things cafe Facebook.