“The Kairos moment is characterized by a sense of timelessness, in which the ‘flow’ of observation and creation persists.”

Lizan Freijan, The Living Surface, An Alternative Biology Book on Stains

Artist Statement

In my work I am using the cultural representation of flowers as a symbol of life and death. I am interested in these living forms that start to die from the moment they are picked. When this natural process of decay starts I photograph the flowers withering and bruising as their petals start to alter in colour.  I use a 35mm film camera and mix between black and white, colour and slide film to do this.



To me these flowers now represent death as a natural process to both culturally and physically. My aim then is to have and image contrasting between life and death. I then introduce another natural process,  I bury the negative film into soil. This allows any micro-organisms in the soil to grow onto the negative or take some the image away. This process can create images with different textures and shapes. These images are then enlarged onto a screen with a slide projector. By doing this you can see forms and cultures that you normally can not be seen by the naked eye. The slide projector acts almost like a microscope in that way.

Other images within the slide projector include a series taken from a graveyard skip. Within them are discarded flowers some completed dead and some with a lot of colour left in them. It is a reminder to use that is sensationalized and in the process of that it is made alien. It has become the fate of others and the fate of those less fortunate.


Grad Show- This Is - D.I.T, 2018

Unframed - The Complex, 2017

Retrospective - D.I.T 2016


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